Multi-angle band saw

DQJ series multi-angle band saw(DQJ-450):

DQJ series multi-angle band saw(DQJ-630&DQJ-800):

DQJ series multi-angle band saw(DQJ-1200&DQJ-1600):

For precies and perfect angled sawing of PE, PVDF, PB and PVC pipes, fittings.

Ideal tools for producing bend saginents, I den T-piece secting and Y-piece and good accessoryes of RJY series fitting machine.

Firm and stable saw arm. Imported high quality saw and accurate linear guide to cut high quality segments.

Cutting speed and saw feeding speed are stepless adjustable.

Convenient and trustable clamping device.

Adjustable guide device of saw on both sides for improving cutting.

Trustable safe design to avoid sudden hurt.